Tattershall Castle – Friday 20th May 2011

We have often passed Tattershall Castle without really giving it any thought, so when the National Heritage decided to have a free open day there for bikers, Yvonne and I jumped at the chance to go and see what it was like.

Unusually for us, this was an extremely short ride – 8 miles each way – so we were there in the blink of an eye. On arrival we were shown where we could park close to the castle, and where to find the refreshments etc. I will not go into the detailed history of the castle, but leave you to find that out if and when you visit it. However, the design is more French than English, and was probably intended to be eyecatching rather than built to withstand a determined seige. The castle has servants quarters, four main floors and the battlements. Each floor has one main room, with smaller ones off it for servants / guards etc. One of the towers contains the one staircase.

The church was built as an educational center and is known as the Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity. On the battlements you can see to the four points of the compass, with Lincoln Cathedral to the distant north, seventeen miles away (last photograph).

The normal cost of entry is approximately £5. If you are interested in castles and their history, then it is well worth a visit. The information is given using audio techniques and is excellent for hearing about where you are actually stood at the time. On the day, there was also a hog roast, as well as the normal refreshments and gift shop. As it was a Friday, (working day for most), it was not surprising that many of those attending were, like us, of a senior age. I also think that a weekday affected the attendance, as there appeared to be between 25-30 bikes present at any one time. Overall, it was a very pleasant half day trip.

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