Sherwood Chapter Training Day 2008

On a nice warm Saturday (31st May), Sherwood Chapter organized a training day for anyone new to riding a Harley Davidson in order to show and explain how to ride safely in a large group, the â??Second Man Drop-offâ?? and the â??Buddyâ?? system. At 1200hrs there were approximately 20 newcomers at the Robin Hood shop, all intent on learning how to get the maximum enjoyment out of riding their new Harley Davidson.

Together with 10 plus regulars, it made a good crowd to witness the presentation made by Director Pete to Nick Colledge, the shop general manager, on his departure to pastures new, (actually working for Harley Davidson itself!!)

Pete then explained the plan for the day. We were to ride down to the embankment in Nottingham where it was wide and quiet enough to safely set out some bikes in the stagger formation, explain the way we do things on a ride-out and answer any questions. We would then take a ride-out to Tur Langton for refreshments at the Crown Inn. During the ride back, the official part of the ride-out would terminate once we reached the A46.

As engines fired into life, the regulars arranged themselves at the front, behind Pete, to act as drop-offs for the journey to the embankment. By making use of drop-offs on entering and leaving junctions and islands, we all managed to arrive at the embankment together. Pete and Dai (Gunter) gave explanations of the riding formation, â??two second ruleâ?? and the need to think about safety at all times. The stationary formation was viewed and the respective roles of the lead and tail riders were given, together with the second man drop-off and the buddy system for keeping the rider immediately behind in sight at all times. It was then time to put the training into action. Regular riders were used to get the group out of Nottingham and then, once in the country, the new riders were given the chance to act as drop-off. We all enjoyed an excellent run down to, and through, Melton Mowbray and along the twisty B6047 to Tur Langton. The Crown is a typical country pub with a nice area to sit out the back. The only disappointment was the time it took to be served â?? over 30 minutes for those unfortunate to be at the back of the line!

As a regular I thoroughly enjoyed the day and, by talking to several of the newer riders, it would appear that the experience had been much appreciated and enjoyed by them also! Well done to those who had organized and carried out the training, and congratulations to the new riders for joining us on the day. We hope to see you all again very soon.

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