Sherwood Chapter Poker Run 2008

A â??Poker Runâ?? is a mixture of a game of poker and a mystery ride-out, carried out to raise money for charity. At the start you pay to be part of the game and get your first card. After a ride you stop at a place of interest and collect your second card. This is repeated another twice, giving a total of four cards. At the next stop, after being given your fifth card, you can select any number to be replaced, at a cost of £1 per card. The cards you now hold are used to determine your hand.

The main organizers of this run were Darren (SRC), Pete 1 (Director/RC), Pete 2 (Treasurer/RC) and Ian (Derbyshire Rep/RC). Darren would be â??Tail End Charlieâ?? for the whole trip, plus dealer, whilst Pete 1, Pete 2 and Ian would take turns to be lead rider.

In glorious sunshine, 19 bikes left Robin Hood H-D shop behind Pete 2. The first destination turned out to be in Mansfield, which coincidently, happens to be at the centre of the old Sherwood Forest. Card 2! Continuing behind Pete 2, we reached Chesterfield where Ian took over and guided us up into the Peak District. We eventually arrived by a secluded church in the village of Hathersage to visit a certain grave. It just happened to be the grave of Little John. Lunch was taken at the village inn â?? the Scotsmans Pack. Card 3! After lunch Ian took us deeper into the Peak District, where the roads sorted the men from the boys as they became narrower and the bends sharper. The scenery, however, was spectacular. We circled to the east and north of Sheffield before arriving at the St Leger H-D shop in Doncaster. Card 4!

Pete 1 now took over and after a quick run along a section of the A1, we turned off and headed to what was the Sherwood Forest Visitors Centre. Card 5! Now it was time for everyone to make their choice of keeping the cards they had or swopping one or more in order to try and make a better hand.

The final section of the ride, still behind Pete 1, took us to Nottingham Castle where the winners were announced.

In all aspects this had been a really super day!! Congratulations to all the organisers, and I only have one question to ask. â??How do you follow that for new year?â?

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