Cat & Fiddle Recce – Monday 2nd May 2011

Yvonne, Andy and I did this ride to help out our friend John. He has recently been made a Road Marshal with the Lindum Colonia UK Chapter and this run is to be his first as the lead rider. He had asked if I would accompany him, and offer any advice should it be needed. I was only too pleased to be of help by giving the route the once over and answering any queries John had on the recce ride. Helen also joined us for the day.

We met at the Lincoln grandstand and headed off to Chesterfield via Saxilby, Ollerton and Bolsover. There we had our first stop at the HarleyWorld dealership. They are always friendly and it was a surprise when Yvonne found out that they had a set of midi antennas available (back order only elsewhere!) These were promptly bought at a big discount and fitted to the Glide. Now, what do we do with the old ones? We arranged to leave them at the shop until Saturday, when we would be returning for the dealership’s 10th birthday celebrations.

The next stage of the ride was out through Baslow and over to Buxton, before travelling the A537 to the well known Cat and Fiddle pub.

As you will know, this is a famous biker route, so it has always been of interest to the local constabulary. The new average speed cameras, which cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to install, have only just gone active due to a fundemental mistake made by the partnership. Anyway, it does not distract from the ride and the views, especially on a sunny day like we had. The food at the Cat and Fiddle is very good. The meals are freshly cooked and fully recommended.

We left in the direction of Macclesfield (more twisty part of the A537), before turning of to pass by the Lamaload reservoir using single track roads. Our route eventually brought us to the famous Grindleford cafe. Here the food is good, cheap and plentyful. You must check out the chip buttie. We did!

The last leg of the journey was back to Lincoln via Chesterfield, followed by the A619/A57. The four of us that accompanied John had an excellent time and really appreciated the ride, especially as we would not be doing it on the official day. For us it was the third time in four days where we had completed a 200+ miles ride. Many thanks John, and I hope that any suggestions I gave you will come in useful, not just for this ride, but for any others you will do in the future.

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